Weight Loss Trends to Rejuvenate Your Body

New year, new you is always the mantra for those looking to get into shape with the coming of the new year. With resolutions come expectations, with plenty of programs out there that make claims to get you back into shape and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. The following weight loss trends are proven to provide great health benefits that are long lasting and highly effective.

 The Mind Diet

Mediterranean Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, or the MIND diet, combines two heart-healthy diets into one great health plan that promotes a regimen that includes foods like seeds, nuts, greens, fish, and olive oil to improve organ and cognitive function over time.

Fermented Foods

The power of fermented foods to heal has never been lost on Asian cultures, and foods like kimchi have been linked to weight loss and better digestive health as part of a healthy diet. Loaded with probiotics, fermented foods help to stave off bacteria in the stomach, regulate the immune system, and improve overall brain function.

Wearable Tech

Fitness has joined the technology book, with more smart watches, eyeglasses, activity trackers, and health apps dominating the way we improve our bodies. Certain devices have been manufactured to track daily activity, walks, sleep, heart rate, and other functions, with analysis given that mirror clinical visits. Research has shown that a good diet and exercise plan are both possible using the latest technology and wearable tech are leading the way towards a healthier future.

Luxury Fitness En Masse

Premium fitness centers that cater to everyone are the future of the industry and now personal trainers are available to anyone at any time. Attending classes with a guide ensures more effective workouts and less risk of burnout.



Author: devrandhawahealth

Dev Randhawa is a US-born health blogger who got his start while studying nursing in college. There, he discovered how important a healthy diet is to a healthy lifestyle. He observed firsthand how dietary changes could completely reverse a patient’s diagnosis for the better, and decided to blog about the way that food interacts with our bodies. His early gigs in blogging involved top lists of healthy foods and exercise routines. Today, Dev is a nursing assistant at his local hospital, and he blogs about how diet can affect some of the most serious afflictions on the planet. If you want to learn how your home cooking can help digestion, improve weight loss and affect your entire life, follow Dev Randhawa to learn more about how food impacts your life.

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