Health Foods To Know

Eating great foods that you love no longer has to be a chore, with more healthy options becoming more well-known with each passing year. Not only are they delicious, but they spice up your palate and improve your health. Start eating of any of the following and see a vast improvement over your lifestyle over time.

 Veggie Spin-Off Dishes

First came zoodles, then came veggie rice, watermelon jerky, and so on and so forth. Current popular options include bean-based chips, frozen veggie snacks, and sliced backed potato that’s built for sandwiches.


Of course, spice bring character to any meal, but many have too much sodium to counter the risks of cooking with them. Many companies now feature sodium-free spices that can be used instead of typical ones when cooking. Current popular spices include clover, ginger, cumin, and paprika that can be used to a slew of wonderful dishes.

 Red Wine

 Studies have shown for years the benefits of a glass of red wine at mealtime. One 12-ounce glass can lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many cancers.

 Game of Grains

Breakfast is also the best time to pack your body full of its most necessary ingredients, with fiber at the top of the list. During breakfast, buckwheat, chickpea, muesli, and yogurts are all great options to fuel the body from the beginning of the day through to the end.


The antioxidant agents of seeds cannot be stressed enough and are perfect for boosting health and protein intake. From chia to sunflower, flax to sesame, seeds are rich in nutrients and help keep you satiated longer and improve overall health for the long-term.


Author: devrandhawahealth

Dev Randhawa is a US-born health blogger who got his start while studying nursing in college. There, he discovered how important a healthy diet is to a healthy lifestyle. He observed firsthand how dietary changes could completely reverse a patient’s diagnosis for the better, and decided to blog about the way that food interacts with our bodies. His early gigs in blogging involved top lists of healthy foods and exercise routines. Today, Dev is a nursing assistant at his local hospital, and he blogs about how diet can affect some of the most serious afflictions on the planet. If you want to learn how your home cooking can help digestion, improve weight loss and affect your entire life, follow Dev Randhawa to learn more about how food impacts your life.

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